Tinu Alikor

Mother-of-two, Tinu Alikor, also known as Tee or Tin Tin, has written for publications including The Observer and interviewed world leaders for Sky News. She has worked for the BBC, most notably recorded and presented programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC 1.

London born and raised in a single parent home, but presently shuffling between Zurich and London with her brood, she has lived and worked globally and enjoys travelling. A writer, presenter, artist, food lover, entrepreneur, project manager, tech enthusiast, afro advocate and blogger who after 10 years of service in government, is currently in her toughest gig to date…motherhood!

“I’ve spent so long people pleasing, being selfless and putting other interests before my own…. now, whilst my parenting responsibilities remain I’m daring myself to just be me and make me a priority. Join me on this shameless, limitless journey to finding my happy place, and proving that YOU CAN do anything you put your mind to”

The blog and podcast will be both a portfolio of personal work, and a platform for guest writers, offering an insight into the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Please get in touch if you’d like to be featured!