Get Lippy 2019

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I’m not great at following trends! I’d like to think I’m individual and try not to get swept away with fads and to be honest I’m about as ‘on trend’ as John McCririck or a stale Jaffa cake. Now I’m 35 I care less what people think, I wear what I like , rarely wear make up and generally enjoying the not giving a damn phase. Spending time with my family, sharing, loving, connecting rather than succumbing to the narcism that is gripping the world. I do however love to get dressed up when I have the opportunity and in remembrance of my party days, dancing on bars, crowd surfing (I never managed to pull that off successfully) falling into taxis, falling out of ubers and generally making magical hungover memories I’d like to master something I’ve never got the hang of. Lippy!! 

I’ve never had the confidence or inclination to wear it, but recently on my journey to improving my confidence and getting involved with self care, I have admired so many who wear lippy with pride! It’s amazing how it can change your entire look and elevate you from casual to ‘oh hello’ in a few pouts! But it does take some confidence to wear it and that’s what I’m working on! Whilst I’m working on my groove, in tandem I need to find decent lippy to try and would love to see you with your favourite lippy on to give me some inspiration! So join me please and #getlippy2019. Just post a picture of yourself with the hashtags #getlippy2019 and tell me what lippy you’ve got!! I can’t wait to see them all, share with others, the more the merrier!