You Can Do It

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When people tell me they don’t make plans or set goals I have to do a double take. I’m truly bewildered by the concept of living without direction or measuring your own progress. Goals give you something to dream of, aspire to, work towards. They help you focus your energy and productivity on the areas you choose. They may be scary to some, but they give me purpose and drive. 

What makes us so averse to setting goals and preferring to just go with the flow? Nothing wrong with a relaxed approach to life, but having no goals is essentially getting into a car with half a tank of petrol and no destination; you may enjoy the serendipitous journey but you’ll most likely be unprepared and eventually run out of petrol and potentially end up on the hard shoulder of a motorway going to Skegness, up the creek without a paddle as they say.

Recent situations have reminded me of my mortality and given me the passion to enjoy every day like it was my last. I’m here to encourage you to step out and do something differently today. Challenge yourself to try something you’ve always wanted to, eat a new dish, go to a new park, swim in a new lake, dance to a new tune, travel to a new country. Don’t be bounded by people’s perception of you, what they think you can achieve, what they expect you to do, or even what you’ve conditioned your mind to accept you’re capable of. You are so much more.

For everyone told that they can’t

For every exam they said you’d fail that you passed

For every dress they said you shouldn’t wear but did

For every job they said you’d never get but did

For every journey they told you not to take but completed

For every man they told you not to be with but happily married

For every apology you deserved but never got

For every battle you fought when no one else would and won

And for all those doubters…may they continue to motivate you to be your best. May you always have your glass half full, living your best life. May you continue to dream freely, and be intentional. Wishing you a limitless life.

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