Absolutely Fabulous

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I saw a post the other day that made me laugh…

“None of this new year new me bollocks, last year I was fabulous and next year I will be fabulous!”

Very amusing, and vaguely relevant to me, I’m fabulous some days, possibly two days a week, but honestly, I think it’s BS. Maybe not a new me, but a better version of myself wouldn’t hurt, perhaps like a software update! I don’t want to put myself under any undue pressure….believe me, I’m already precariously balancing several bits of Swedish china at once, but without any pressure how do you move forward? Improvement is growth and staying fabulous takes a bit of work! I just need to find the right amount of pressure that’ll kick me out of bed to get stuff done but won’t leave me feeling like the soggy lettuce I found in my fridge this morning, if I drop the ball sometimes. I haven’t made any new years resolutions because I have genuinely been overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, to do lists, trello boards, survival lists, breastfeeding, laundry, nursery runs, cooking, cleaning, answering my 2 year olds repeated questions on underground trains and if mummy is having another baby? And did I say laundry already?! Laundry is a full time occupation in itself with a newborn and toddler! The washer and dryer are regularly abused by us, my husband is the family expert on this, I have more of a fly by the seat of your pants approach semi conscious and bundling heaves of milk and mud stained items of clothing in for saving… long live the washer and dryer….if anyone’s deliberating, separate washer and dryer gets a thumbs up from me if you have the space it’ll change your life! Middle aged confessions of a mum… No need for resolutions, just live, set goals achievable and stretching, and ambitious if you feel the urge, and be kind to yourself.

In my mind there’s so much I want to do, but I really need to ace the basic getting the kids ready in under 2 hours and maintain my demeanour routine before I start trying to conquer the world! Or do I? I mean what am I really waiting for? Waiting for perfection before I take on something I’m passionate about sounds counterintuitive, or like a well versed delay tactic…

So….in pursuit of happiness and progress, not a tick boxing exercise or a fake fad or an overzealous binge diet, I am starting a new project! I am continuing my blog once a week channelling my thoughts and sharing my journey and soon I’ll be recording a podcast. Returning to a former passion I had the pleasure of finding in my teens with BBC Radio 4 when I recorded programmes and audio diaries. I’m looking forward to learning how to record, it feels like a natural progression from blogging, I’m in the process of researching, getting the right equipment and creating my structure and format. I have a few ideas I’m excited about and looking forward to putting it in to action. Watch this space!

As you may know I’ve been living in Switzerland with my husband and now two children. Housewife with the mostess… parenting like a supply teacher who should consider retiring. Finding my way through local culture, far from where I call home and the people I love, starting a new chapter in the land of cheese, orgasmic chocolate and fancy watches. The biggest change for me has been getting used to what being a housewife means. Or perhaps defining what we want my role to be and what we need my role to be, and getting it to fit with my passions and my desired direction. I’m jack of all trades, master of most. Like most parents I can’t have a day off, I don’t get sick leave. I don’t have it all together, and running seamlessly….but I do have the drive and passion that fuels my exhausted body to teach myself how to make meat pies for my 2 year old at 1am because we can’t get them out here… Yes I did that last night… so basically Beyonce is right we run the world!

My second project this year will be something that’s close to my heart. Married to a techie, I’ve grown to love tech more and realise just how much it influences our daily lives. I’m motivated enough to function on minimal sleep and love technology, but most of all I love people and getting the best out of them. And I’ve had the pleasure of meeting awesome women out here, some who just like me followed their spouse across water, land, or just a car park to pursue a dream. Fully supporting the husbands career and building a home often means that some women are unable to fulfill their own goals and realise their own passions. Coupled with a system here that encourages women to stay at home, getting back to work after having a baby or just being a homemaking spouse can sometimes be a tall order, and even taller for us foreign folk, the expat crew. So I’m setting up a coding school called Tech Mums with childcare here in Zurich, Switzerland!

Tech Mums will be a place where mums can learn a new skill, invest in their career, network with like minded parents and professionals, socialise, update their skillset

and get back to work if they choose! I had the pleasure of being a part of a similar initiative in London called Mums in Technology, and found it to be invaluable, supportive and groundbreaking. I am excited to be starting a project that inspires me to get more women in technology here in Switzerland! Lean into the sisterhood and stay fabulous…I want to inspire and be inspired. To create a welcoming, nurturing environment where mums can come and be themselves, gain a friend, gain a hobby, gain a skill and get the tools they need to kick some arse into a career they can thrive in…let’s go!