My Sonshine

This one. This brilliant, energetic, bold, adventurous, talkative, loving, mischievous boy with endless curiosity is my biggest test. He’s the child you’ll find in the sandpit after a huge downfall of rain playing snow angels in the mud. He’s the one that could find puddles in the desert and could give a puma a run for its money. The one you’ll find moving furniture to scale the table, or pulling the blender out of the cupboard to see how it works, or trying to hang from the window ledge so he can see the bus. He’s the one that can climb a mountain and still not tire.

He’s the one you have to watch, I have ears and eyes everywhere. My patience is being challenged daily, but I know he’s just being a child, inquisitive, curious, testing the colours of life, testing boundaries, testing the physical integrity of every fixture in the apartment and excited by everything he encounters. It’s exhausting but beautiful to see and I am finding ways to nurture this passionate and inquisitive mind and channel his energy into producing something great, and just let him be. For truly great he will be. Wise, compassionate, loving, strong, sincere, motivated and kind.

He’s the one that will eat broccoli just so that his sister doesn’t cry. That asks me multiple times during the day if I’m ok. Who says I love you at every opportunity, and tells me I’m beautiful. And whose kisses and hugs are unrivalled warm embraces that feel like hot chocolate on a cold day. I wouldn’t have him any other way. My sonshine.